Learn About Canadian Lentils

Flowering Lentils
Nutritious, delicious and easy to cook! Find out more about this tasty, tiny, environmentally friendly powerhouse!

What is a lentil?

Lentils come in a variety of sizes ranging from extra small to large. The most commonly found lentils on grocery store shelves are large green lentils and split red lentils. When we use the word split to describe a lentil it means that the seed coat around the lentil has been removed and the inner part of the lentil (known as the cotleydon) has been split in half. Split lentils cook faster than whole lentils and are excellent for use in puree, whereas whole lentils tend to work better in salads.

Why should I be eating Canadian lentils?

We are growing some of the world’s best lentils right here in Canada! Full of the nutrients we need in every bite, lentils are a food that you can feel good about feeding to your family, to your friends, and to yourself! And even better, lentils are a nitrogen fixing crop, meaning they give back to the environment by replacing nitrogen in the soil they are grown in.

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